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Life Skills (Ancillary) Courses - Canada
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Archetype Course - Faculty (per class)Tuition for faculy audit of Archetype Course, on a per-class basis.
Archetype Course - Faculty audit 4 classesTuition for faculy audit of Archetype Course, 4 classes
Archetype Course - New Student Early BIrdTuition for new student, Archetype Course, when registered and paid by October 5.
Archetype Course - New Student Regular RateTuition for new student, Archeype Course, if paid after October 5.
Archetype Course - Regular Audit - 4 classesTuition for audit of Archetype Course, 4 classes (non faculty)
Archetype Course - Regular Audit Per ClassTuition for audit of Archetype Course, per class (non faculty)
Childrens Course - Child
Parent Tuition - Children's Course
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