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Heal the Self, Heal the World.


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Meditations for Wellness
The Founder's Collection

The Founder's Collection

This collection of guided meditations was developed and recorded by Faye Fitzgerald, a teacher of meditation and healing for over 25 years, and the Founder of Training in Power™ Academy.

Personal Quests

Personal Quests

Stop the Internal Tyrant

If you have an internal tyrant that incessantly chatters and interferes with your achievements and successes, this meditation will give you the tools to take back control of your emotions and help you find peace and acceptance of the self. Start your morning with this empowering guided meditation. Tame the tyrant within. Click here to give yourself this empowering gift.

Finding Your Destiny

Allow your destiny and purpose to come forward in this profound meditation, and you will find your divine right of expression. Receive the information you seek and the gifts that are uniquely yours. This powerful meditation will build a bridge to your deepest knowing and wisdom, illuminating what you need to know.  Click here to begin that journey now

Manifestations: From Dreams to Reality

This powerful guided meditation will show you how to create both the "time" and "space" required to bring your dreams into this reality. A deeply moving and effective meditation. You will be given the steps you need to manifest. Learn how to "stay present" and create flow in your life! Click here to discover the steps.

Children, Teens and Parents

Children, Teens and Parents

Bedtime for Toddlers

This meditation will send your child to sleep with self love, confidence and safety. Play this meditation as often as you give your child a kiss goodnight and watch how they embrace their precious nature.  A perfect gift idea and a valuable lifelong affirmation of your child's dreams. Appropriate for all young ones, and especially helpful for those who seem troubled at bedtime or exhibit anxious behavior. Click here to help your child learn to meditate today.

Brilliant Child!

The second in the Children's series, ideal for toddlers through pre-teens. This meditation teaches the child to develop a calm inner steadiness while encouraging their natural brilliance…the natural genius of all our children. This guided meditation takes the child into sleep with a strong sense of confidence and wonderment. Makes a wonderful baby shower gift. Click here to empower your young one today!

The Genius of Youth: Teens and Young Adults

How do we help our young adults follow their dreams, live their lives joyously, and survive the reality of what's ahead for them? This meditation honors our young adults' journey to independence, while inspiring them to envision a future with purpose  Click here to help your teen soar with confidence!

You Can be Yourself... AND Be a Great Parent

How do you maintain your individuality under the constant demands of parenthood? Use this meditation to reinforce your right to your journey while nurturing and loving your children to their own independent nature. Learn how children naturally tune to your inner sense of love and light. This guided meditation is the best gift a parent could have: acknowledgement of the nobility of parenthood. Excellent for new parents and an amazing baby shower gift! Click here to order your copy today.

Special Family Collection Package

Save when you buy the Special Family Package of 4 CDs. This special Family Collection includes: Bedtime for Toddlers; Teens and Young Adults; How To Be Yourself AND Be a Parent; Finding Your Destiny. Can't use them all? What a grand gift idea for so many! No substitutions please. Click here to order all 4 now! 

Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness

Staying Youthful and Vibrant: Defy Aging

Tap into your body's natural restorative abilities. Meditation can be a powerful ally in maintaining your wellness and longevity. In this meditation you will "talk to your cells" and reconnect to your optimum health."Dream the new you" and transform every cell in your body to perfection. Click here to light up your body with youthfulness.

Conquering Depression

How do you take back control from the debilitating effects of depression? Find tools to cope and rebound quickly with this power-packed meditation. You can find your internal motivation again, and begin to walk the path of peace, joy and happiness.Click here to discover how meditation can help.

Heal Your Body

In this beautiful guided meditation you will claim on your right to be well and in perfect health. This astounding meditation of healing teaches you to direct love and healing to parts of your physical and emotional body, releasing pain and dis-ease. An astounding meditation that will improve your physical, emotional and mental stamina giving you a renewed sense of wellness and health. Begin your journey to wellness.

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