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Heal the Self, Heal the World.

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Credit Card/Paypal

Credit Card/Paypal

Level I - CanadaLevel I: The Prophet is the foundation course for all Training in Power Academy courses.
Level II - CanadaLevel II: Ancient Shamanism meditation and healing techniques course. Prerequisite - completion of Level I curriculum.
Level III - CanadaLevel III: Tibetan Mastery. Meditation and healing course from Training in Power Academy. Prerequisites: completition of Level I and II curriculum.
Level IV + - Canada
Early Bird Discount
You will save about 15% off your course if you register and pay 2 weeks before the course starts. Available for all courses Level I through VI and ancillary courses.

Payment Options and Information

 We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal.  If paying by Paypal, you don't have to sign up for PayPal to pay from your bank account. We will simply send you an invoice by email and you respond with the required information. Email us at USinfo@traininginpower.com in the US, or CDNinfo@traininginpower.com in Canada to request this option.

Please note: if paying online or through PayPal invoice, there will be a processing fee for all credit card and PayPal orders, per transaction, which will be added at checkout.

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